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Intoductory Flights Make a Great Gift!
Gift Certificates Available, Call today!

Introductory Flight Includes

60 Minutes Flight and 60 Minutes of Ground Instruction

Cessna 172

Mariposa $265.00* 

Merced    $265.00* 


Complimentary starter pilot logbook to record your first ground & flight lesson as a pilot.

One hour of ground instruction with a CFI explaining the details of your first flight lesson before the flight.

Discovering first and foremost that SAFETY is always our #1 priority while having some fun!

Climb aboard and take hold of flight! During your 1 hour flight you will assist your CFI manipulating control of the aircraft. Your flight starts with a preflight inspection, start up, taxi, takeoff, the four basic fundamentals: (climbs, turns, straight & level, descents), approach, landing, and securing the aircraft postflight. A lot to take in, but exhilarating!

Contact Us Below to book your First Flight today!!!

*Flights over 60 minutes will incur additional fees. 

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