Intoductory Flights Make a Great Gift!
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Introductory Flight Includes

60 Minutes Flight and 60 Minutes of Ground Instruction

Cessna 172

Mariposa $235.00*

Merced    $250.00*

Cessna 150

Mariposa $225.00*

Merced    $240.00*


Ability to log your first ground & flight lesson as a pilot.

Your Instructor will explain the details of your first flight lesson during a one hour ground session before the flight.

You will learn first and foremost that SAFETY  is always our #1 concern.

Climb aboard and take hold of flight! Learn the four basic fundamentals of flight: Climbs, Straight and Level,Turns, and Descents!

The instructor will explain how to manipulate control of the aircraft while you assist at the flight controls.

Complimentary pilot logbook to record your first flight.

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*Flights over 60 minutes may incur additional fees.